The applicant must be a descendant from one of the Mayflower passengers who came to America in 1620. The applicant need not be a member of the Iowa Society but must have a blood relative who is a member of the Iowa Society. The ancestor and the Iowa member’s name and relationship to the applicant must be included.

The applicant must be a high school senior or a home school student who is the equivalent of a senior. The applicant must attend an accredited university, college, junior college, community college, or certified trade school.

Application must include at least two letters of recommendation from non-family members. The letters should include identification of the writer along with a home or business address, the relationship with the student and length of time he/she has known the student, and the student’s qualities, which make the student an appropriate candidate for consideration.


A 500 word original typed or word-processed essay that includes a bibliography of at least two sources must be included.


A list including GPA, community service, school and/or church, or any activities of importance should be provided. These activities are not mandatory, but are factors that may be considered.

A $1,000.00 scholarship will be paid to the post-high school institution the student attends after the first semester/term is completed.

A relative of the applicant may not be a judge in the rating of applications.


The topic for the 2020 essay will be: "Describe the relationship between the Native population and our Pilgrim ancestors between 1620 and 1640".


The application must be postmarked no later than March 1, 2020. Send to:

Linda Cassmann-Randall, 21957

Hwy# 3, Allison, IA 50602-9310